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Did you know? Indoor air is considered to be polluted than one that is outdoors. This increases your risk of contracting a disease. It also makes the space uninhabitable. Don’t ignore poor indoor air quality for far too long; instead reach out to an expert from Hialeah AC Repair for all queries you may have on the quality of the indoor air in your home. They will offer the best advice when it comes to ridding your space of contaminants and pollution. We cater to residential and commercial clients in the Hialeah, FL area and have helped them breathe fresh. You too can access our indoor air quality services by dialing 786-496-9818.


Most of the times, it may not be obvious that your property’s indoor air quality is quite poor, but there are however a few signs that you can take note of, such as:

  • Health problems:

    If you’re constantly suffering from illnesses such as common cold, nausea and headaches, it’s time to look out for the quality of the air you breathe when indoors. Common illnesses come as a result of poor quality of air.

  • Growth of mold

    The optimum conditions for growth of mold include moist environments. Mold is found mostly in dark places. When you see it in numerous places in your indoor space, all is not well when it comes to the quality of the air indoors.

  • Bad odor

    This is one of the clearest signs you’re not having good indoor air quality. You should definitely do something about this because you may end up not looking forward to going back into your house.

  • Dust

    It’s not possible to have a place that is completely free from dust. When left unchecked, this dust ends up sticking on seats and other fabric materials, settles in the HVAC ducts and recirculates into the property.


The best decision you can make is engage a qualified person who will give you the best advice on the best thing to do. Some of the things you can from your side is making sure you clean regularly, ensuring your pets are always clean, leaving dusty clothes outdoors, keeping indoor plants, installing an exhaust system and smoking outside.

WHAT DOES Hialeah AC Repair DO?

For best results, it’s recommended you engage the services of qualified personnel. Some of the things you can do alone include doing regular cleaning in the spaces you live in. We are just one call away in the Hialeah, FL region. Some of the things we do include unclogging closed air ducts in your HVAC system and cleaning up accumulated dust. We also install other equipment that complement the ACs to ensure you are breathing clean and fresh air such as air purifiers and UV lights.

If you are looking for an AC servicing company who will help improve the indoor air quality in your space, Hialeah AC Repair is here for you. So, give us a call now on 786-496-9818