About Hialeah AC Repair - Hialeah, FL


Hialeah AC Repair Hialeah, FL 786-496-9818We have managed to build a reputation as the leading AC service provider in the Hialeah, FL owing to our availability to provide tailored solutions for each of our many customers. Hialeah AC Repair prides itself in having a wealth of experience managing to cater to countless customers for two decades now. We attribute our success to our high-quality and affordable services. Our services are not restricted to residential properties only. We also cater to all commercial needs. We have clients spanning a wide range of industries including restaurants, hotels, schools and offices. We have our customers at the back of our minds in every decision we make and this is what has made us a one stop shop for all things related to air conditioner services. We specialize in installation of new HVAC systems, repairing of faulty ACs, installing split as well as portable ACs. We don’t disqualify a project based on scale. We accept any scale of projects as well as any complexity. We take our work very seriously and we therefore don’t disqualify any work we are offered. That’s what has aided in our steady growth through referrals from our customers. What are you waiting for? Give us a call on 786-496-9818.

Our inspiration

We have managed to grow our company from humble beginnings into what it is today- a force to reckon with when it comes to providing AC services. What has contributed to our growth is the fact that we believed it was possible to achieve anything especially when people were beginning to believe HVAC systems were not a luxury but a necessity in order to survive. This led to many service companies taking advantage of this phenomenon to make a quick buck, which meant customers didn’t get value for their money.

Our company believed in providing quality services, while at the same time we ensured that our services were affordable. That’s how our company began and we have been doing this for decades now. We revolutionized how AC services were being provided. We made it possible for customers to get access to quality HVAC services within the shortest time possible and at affordable costs.


Some of the principles that give us guidance and keep us moving include:


Unlike many HVAC companies that are too focused on making money instead of providing services, we focus first on making the customer happy then the money comes in second. We don’t provide sub-standard services. You’ll get what you pay for.


We believe the only way to provide quality services to our customers is by hiring qualified personnel to work for us. We also invest in state of the art technology to ensure we provide the best services. We keep an open mind on new ways of doing things by keeping up with new technology and inventions in the market.


Our highly trained personnel have amassed a lot of knowledge on servicing different AC services. We also ensure we provide incentives to our workers such as remunerating them well and giving them paid leave to ensure they are satisfied as they work and this leads to an increase in their self-drive to work while doing what they love.


Our customers come first in everything we endeavor to do. We believe this is the only way we are going to realize more growth in the future. Hialeah AC Repair has managed to build a loyal customer base owing to the quality and timely services provided. We have been providing our services for two decades now managing to cater to residential as well as commercial clients in the Hialeah, FL region. If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, need a new unit installed or need advice on indoor air quality, give us a call on 786-496-9818 and we’ll come to you.